live without ceremony

to live without ceremony – to live free – live impetuous – live wild – live unconditionally – live without many thoughts.
It sounds so easy. 
But to be honest. It is one of the hardest things in life. It is hard to stay always positiv and work on your positiv mindset. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.
Even when it sounds so easy, we failure. Again and again.
Because life seems to be easy. But people are not.

People hurt us. People leave us. People are mean, demanding and ruthless. People expect so much from us.
And we try and try to give them what they want. We work so hard to archive that they are nice to us…

And thats the moment our live can’t be easy anymore.

We are living not only for us. We are living for them.

Why are we spending so much time to work for other people. To fit in the society.
We are spending – if we have a great day – not more then two hours per day to make the things we truly want, and not the things people are expecting us to do.

When we are listening to ourselves and listening what we are truly want to do with our lives, thats the moment we have a chance to make our lives easy again.
Because listening to ourselves and loving ourselves and plan the day we personally want, is easy.

Only when we recognize it that we make our lives hard or easy as we want, we can change it. No other makes our life hard. We make it.

So take a few minutes daily and think about what you can make easier in your life. Because it’s your life. Only you have the power to change your life. So do me a favor – and make it. For You.




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