dont feel guilty for loving the wrong people

whats wrong with me? why can I love so unconditionally? why do I always give more love then I get? why do I always fall in love so fast? It’s just embarrassing to open my mind, my heart and my soul to one person, who then leave me. Embarrassment.

whats wrong with me?…

To be honest. Nothing! Love is the deepest interpersonal affection. Not everyone has this gift to love unconditionally and is able to feel as deep as you do. It’s a gift to let people in your heart. To let them see your soul. To let them open your mind. A lot of people can’t do that and will never have these beautiful feelings for one person than you have. What a shame!

So why should you feel guilty for having such deep feelings? Because it breaks your heart? Because you don’t become that feelings back? Because you feel alone and embarrassed? And tired? Tired for putting so much effort in relationships to become the same unconditional love back?

“I’m not feeling guilty for giving my love to the wrong people – they probably needed it the most.” 

Exactly. They needed it the most. They don’t have that gift. They never can feel deep. You should be proud of yourself for giving people the opportunity to feel the same way you do. Proud to make them a part of your beautiful soul. Proud to be such an good example how fast and deep we can fall in love. How easy love can be.

They were the wrong people. For sure. Because you didn’t get the love back then you deserve. But don’t stop to love! Please. Because now you know that you are capable to love deeply. And we both know that there are many people out there that are loving the same way you do. And that both of you deserve it to be loved that much.

And you will find each other.

Because love connects.




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