am I right in assuming that…

… you have a bad day? You are moody? Feeling unmotivated, stressed and annoyed?

you feel that you have a thunder storm cloud above your head?! You know what?

Its okay to think so. Its okay to admit that it is not your day or even your week. It is okay to feel unmotivated, stressed and moody. These feelings make you human.
“our lives are only as good as our mindsets” 

So stop to feeling bad. And change your thinking!

Always remember:

GIVE UP THE CONTROL. Nobody has influences on situations, events or processes. Let them roll. You can’t change them anyway. So relaxe yourself and let the things happen. You will have more energy left if you let everything take over the time.

DO NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU. When you are moody – be it as long as you need it. Not as long as others say you need it. When you want to change your bad mood – do it. But if you need a couple more hours till that point. Fine. Take your chocolate with you to the sofa and give your mindset the sugar it needs.

YOU ARE ONLY A HUMAN. You are moody, you make bad decisions, you can’t think positiv 24/7. The biggest achievement is to admit that you are in a bad mood and want to change that. That makes a better human out of you.

THINK IN THE PRESENT. Forget yesterday. The day before or the upcoming stressful days. Forget it. Its easy. Live here. Live now. Say yourself you can worry another time. When this time is coming. Say yourself again: Lets worry another time. You will see. Its working!

Its okay to be in a bad mood. But don’t forget to love yourself even when you are not in your best constitution. Because there is no reason not to do that. Because you are all what you need. YOU.




über Täglicher Themenvorschlag: Assumption

Daily Post – Assumption

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