personal growth

Everything what you are experiencing at this moment, whatever it is, is exactly what you need for your personal growth.

Trust it.

Believe it.

Live by this.



It’s okay to be alone

Don’t be afraid of being alone.

It’s okay to be alone.

It’s okay to eat alone in a restaurant.

It’s okay to go to the cinema alone.

It’s okay to go hiking alone, making sport alone, go to a musical alone, making a bicycle tour alone or cooking only for you or whatever.

It’s okay to be with your own company.

We have to learn that only society says it’s not okay because it’s not the way it should be. We should make that things with a partner right?

But maybe the partner shouldn’t be at the moment. So we have to learn to enjoy ourselves at any life situation. Being alone is nothing sad, it’s a chance to come to terms with ourselves.

Because we have to enjoy ourselves before we can do it with others.

Keep your head up

After all the pain, I realized all I was searching for was me.
We all will realize that at one point. At that point we decide to have enough being sad.
So keep your head up and your mind set!

But the most important, keep your heart strong! You have a pure beautiful heart.

Remember that.

May all your hopes turn out right.


Ben Howard

if love can fade, then so can pain


We lose our love. Our loved ones. Our soulmates. Our safety. Our Luck.
It hurts.
It hurts so much that we never think we’ll be happy again.

The pain robs us of our motivation, our smile, our good mood.
It robs us of our belief in ever being happy with a human again.

And these feelings are okay so. These feelings show us how strong love is.
Take your time. Take as much time as you need.

But time will pass. And you will feel better soon. I promise.

Because it’s never too late to learn how to be happy again. Its never.

Don’t forget that.



Love leaves you broken

First you float over all clouds,
you lose yourself in love,
make it your life elixir,
make it your needs,
your life content…

Until she lets you down. The love.
Until she leaves you all alone. Broken.

Now is the time to mend the broken holes until you can let love pass.

It will pay off because you will float again soon.



Broken – the daily Post

do not compare you to others

we all compare us to others. 

That’s a fact. We all know it. We all make it. We take it that way, right? It is something everyone makes. So do we.

But can you tell me why? Why are we doing such an unnecessary comparison?

Our parents told us since we are little, don’t compare you to others. You are special. You are you, and not them. And that’s good the way it is.

We all heard and  and actually we know it, that it is wrong to compare us to others. And we do it anyway.

Because everyone makes it. Even the television, social media and advertisement makes it everyday. They show us exactly how we are not. As we supposedly want to be.

But maybe when we are really honest to ourselves. Maybe thats not how we want to be. That’s the way they want us to be. Maybe we could be happy the way we are right now. Maybe we are already happy right now? Maybe we do not admit that?

Maybe we have the perfect figure, the perfect lifestyle, the perfect carrier, the perfect relationship, car, hobby, garden, talent, soul or mindset.

Maybe it’s surprisingly easy to be happy with who we are. As we look or live our lives.

Maybe we just have to be happy.

Maybe it’s just that easy.


Juxtapose – the daily post

live without ceremony

to live without ceremony – to live free – live impetuous – live wild – live unconditionally – live without many thoughts.
It sounds so easy. 
But to be honest. It is one of the hardest things in life. It is hard to stay always positiv and work on your positiv mindset. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.
Even when it sounds so easy, we failure. Again and again.
Because life seems to be easy. But people are not.

People hurt us. People leave us. People are mean, demanding and ruthless. People expect so much from us.
And we try and try to give them what they want. We work so hard to archive that they are nice to us…

And thats the moment our live can’t be easy anymore.

We are living not only for us. We are living for them.

Why are we spending so much time to work for other people. To fit in the society.
We are spending – if we have a great day – not more then two hours per day to make the things we truly want, and not the things people are expecting us to do.

When we are listening to ourselves and listening what we are truly want to do with our lives, thats the moment we have a chance to make our lives easy again.
Because listening to ourselves and loving ourselves and plan the day we personally want, is easy.

Only when we recognize it that we make our lives hard or easy as we want, we can change it. No other makes our life hard. We make it.

So take a few minutes daily and think about what you can make easier in your life. Because it’s your life. Only you have the power to change your life. So do me a favor – and make it. For You.




the daily Post – Ceremony